So, it isn’t completely polished and done, I had a little too much extra material on the sides to sand off, so I need to either rig up some system to get it on the table or bandsaw, or create a set up for the router, or handsaw the excess off before I can sand and apply finish. BUT, it’s mostly done. And it works, which is awesomely exciting to me. Basically, it’s set up using the mechanism for the child’s toy, the Jacob’s Ladder, so that it can be used either as an end table, or a coffee table. Sorry for the low quality of the photos, they’re from my phone. I’ll post better ones once it’s completely finished.

Materials are maple and polyester. I’m thinking of finishing it with beeswax (Feed’n Wax) or castille soap (Dr. Bronner’s) to avoid all the gross chemicals, but I want to do a couple test pieces to make sure they won’t yellow the wood too much.

I won’t be able to work on it until late January when the next semester starts because the wood shops are closed over break and I don’t own any tools of my own, but I’ll try to get it done asap and get it photographed and posted.