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Some Phone Shots

Here are a few shots I took with my phone of recent work. Sorry they aren’t the best! I’m planning to borrow a camera in the next couple of weeks and get good shots of everything I’ve been working on, so I’ll post more images as soon as I can!

This is one of the block-printed pieces I did for my intro class. I have another one, too. I’ll get images of both of them up asap.

This is my latest weaving still on the loom. It doesn’t translate at all to the finished piece, but I couldn’t get any decent photos the way I had it installed for critique, so I’ll have to rehang and reshoot it.

These are some pictures of the bandsaw box I made for my furniture class before I stained it with a natural stain made from blackberries, and sealed it with a natural wood treatment I make with beeswax and walnut oil. I’ll get pictures of it with the stain up soon. It’s this great bright¬†fuchsia¬†color, much pinker than I had expected. But that’s what makes natural dyes so much fun to work with.


Some recent (ish) work

This is the portfolio I submitted to California College of the Arts, where I am about to finish my first semester. It’s a mixture of older and more recent work, but mostly older. I’ll try to get some recent work up soon, it’s just tricky without a camera since I have to rent one in order to photograph work or use my crappy cell camera. There’s some stuff I’ve been working on that I’m really excited about, though, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon!

Just a note, a few of these pieces have shown up earlier as part of class portfolios, so sorry about the repetition. Also, the quilt and the embroidery piece are both works in progress, so I’ll get updated images of them up asap.